I am an English teacher with a degree in History and Economics.  As an Orthodox Christian, I am fascinated with the Christians of the past and how they lived.  There is much to learn from them.  For this reason I read widely and have studied several languages to further read and understand the Christians of the past.  Now that we live in the digital age where the way humans deal with each other has changed, I help people living in the digital age reclaim how to be fully human in faith, culture, and life, so they can live their lives having good relationships, having balance, and being fully content.

This blog originated as my thoughts on the digital age world and the changes I saw happen in almost every single way humans interact including speaking, reading, writing, learning, business, listening to music among many other ways.  While I believe the digital revolution has resulted in a lot of good, at the same time, it has resulted in a great decline in meaningful human interaction.  This blog originally sought to help people regain that meaningful interaction by learning how and how much they should use digital technology to communicate and interact.

The focus of the blog, however, changed in January of 2017, when I decided to focus on what I am most familiar with, which is the Christian faith.  I believe this will be the solution to meaningful human interactions in addition to a transformed life spent following our Lord Jesus Christ.

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